Kelly Clarkson tweets details about upcoming album

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US pop singer Kelly Clarkson unveiled new details about her upcoming album via Twitter on October 4. The singer, whose last studio LP was 2009's All I Ever Wanted, announced that fans can expect her new record early next year.

"We've almost completed the album," she tweeted on Monday evening, PST. "We're gonna have way too many songs to pick from .... and that part sucks :(."

Clarkson wrote that she'd just wrapped up a studio session with Jason Halbert, who previously co-produced her 2007 track "Never Again," tweeting that the new single is dubbed "You Still Won't Know What It's Like." In response to a question from a fan about her favorite song on the LP, Clarkson replied, "Definitely, my favorite song off of the new album is 'You Love Me.'"

"There is definitely one song that could have been on My December and it's also a duet .... and I'm not saying who yet :)." Feeling generous, she later added, "There are actually 2 duets on the new record & I have at some point sang w/both of these artists before but not on record."

About the album's release date, she wrote, "Probably not till the beginning of the year but my single will come out before that. It takes too long. I'm bored & ready 2 tour :)."

The former American Idol winner has released four albums to date, including her double-platinum Thankful (2002), her multi-platinum Breakaway (2004), and her latest hit All I Ever Wanted (2009), which topped the US Billboard album charts and reached number two in Australia and Canada. Clarkson is the only American Idol contestant to have reached number one in the UK, for her single "My Life Would Suck Without You."

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