Lana Del Rey at Glastonbury 2014: Best songs to download and why you should watch her set

The young singer has recently released the chart-topping Ultraviolence

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Who is she? Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Lana Del Rey has had several stabs at making the big time.

The young American singer-songwriter released her first album in 2005 under her birth name; the following year she recorded Sirens under the name May Jailer. Grant finally made it with the stage name Lana Del Rey and has become one of the biggest recording artists in the world.

When is she performing? Del Rey takes to the Pyramid Stage on Saturday at 4pm.

When can I catch her on TV? Del Rey’s set will be shown on BBC Three from 8pm on Saturday night, alongside that of Jack White.

Why watch her set? Like many other artists performing at Glastonbury, Del Rey has released an album in the past month. Ultraviolence is her third studio album and was released 13 June. Not only is her music something to listen out for, but the young singer always has something to say. Whether it’s Twitter controversies or comments on women in the music industry, Del Rey should prove to be an exciting watch.


Best Lana Del Rey hits to download

1)  Blue Jeans

2)  National Anthem

3)  Born To Die

4)  Video Games

5) Young and Beautiful

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