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Announced on June 28, UK music magazine NME launched an iPad app for fans of singer and guitarist Jack White of White Stripes fame.

According to NME, the app "gives you the chance to take in the history of one of the most celebrated characters in rock 'n' roll of the last 15 years."

The app features insights into White's early life, as well as details about his White Stripes career, his forming of The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, and his work on the new album, Rome, featuring his contributions alongside Danger Mouse and Norah Jones. The app, which features "never before seen" photos, text, videos, and audio clips, retails for £3.99 (around 4.50 euros).

White founded Third Man Records, which specializes in vinyl, in Detroit in 2001, then established its first office in Nashville in 2009. To commemorate the opening, White debuted his band, The Dead Weather. All six studio albums by the White Stripes carry the logo, as well as both albums by the Raconteurs.

The new White app joins a slew of other apps by major artists available for uber-fandom - Eminem, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, just to name a few. If Foo Fighters is more your style, you can stay on top of the latest from the band with the Foo Fighters app for Android. The app funnels updates from Twitter, YouTube, and interviews from SoundCloud into a one-stop location for all your news on the band.

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Watch White's parking lot performance at this year's SXSW: