Lyric Sheets

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LIVE from Psycho Babylon

Baby boomer born again

songstress / chanteuse

airs her pain

pensive windswept

in the rain

vacant on the CD cover

lost her mind

or lost her lover

press RECORD

and leave it on

open like a telethon

phone the shrink

and sing the song

Psycho Babylon, you know?

where the messed up

pop stars go

and comedians

spend their money


not as funny

out they come

new book / CD

My Psychologist and Me

kicking ass at 43

with the aid of therapy

Take the cure

it's not a con

life's a couch

to lie upon

call the press

and sing the song

and on and on

and on and on

The author's 'Under Milkfloat' is still selling like hot cakes from: Literature Dept, University of Essex, Colchester Essex CO4 3SQ. Cheques for pounds 4 payable to Essex Festival.