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Buddy Holograms

Leafing through a catalogue

Recently I saw


Rockin' to your door

Guaranteed authentic too

All the hits and more

Breaks the ice at bar


Gets them on the floor

Any artist on our list

Living, mad or dead

We bring to your living- room

Breakfast-bar or shed

Why pay fancy prices live?

Lounge at home instead

Woodstock re-staged


While you lie in bed

Ten Years After or the Who

Three-D with Keith Moon

Retrogram Remote Control

Makes them play in tune

Hendrix by the MFI

Solid - not a ghost

Then when John

Sebastian's on

Make the tea and toast

Why put up with ticket queues

Cancellation gloom

Now you can see Morrissey

Riding round your room

All your faves the way they were

Prior to losing charms

Phone us up - we're in the book

Under Wild Psalms'

Martin Newell's book 'Under Milk Float' ( pounds 4) is available from Literature Dept, Essex University, Colchester CO4 3SQ