Most blogged artists: Blonde Redhead, Health, Salem

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US-based indie rock trio Blonde Redhead holds its spot as the most popular act in the blogosphere on June 25, as fans share the single "Here Sometimes" and discuss the band's forthcoming album. Australian rock band Tame Impala and Canadian band Stars are in second and third, according to The Hype Machine, and Health and Salem are among other acts to make the list.

Los Angeles noise rock band Health last created buzz in the blogosphere in mid-April, when it released the single "USA Boys" from forthcoming remix album DISCO2. That album has now been released, and bloggers are sharing various tracks, among them a remix of "Die Slow" by Nite Jewel (LA producer Ramona Gonzalez) that is included only on a bonus digital release. Reqeffect ( says the remix "flips the angry 'Die Slow' into some relaxed lo-fi funk."

Salem, a US trio with a dark electronic sound, is in the blogs following the release of "King Night," the title track of its debut full-length album due out in September. The band has already garnered attention from music media with several singles, remixes, and EPs. The Mad Mackerel ( describes the band's sound: "For all those ghostly leanings and haunted, desolate beats, the duo have a sense of rhythm and melody that, though often buried, refuses to surrender, and gives their sound a twisted romanticism that is hard to deny."

The 10 most blogged artists on The Hype Machine on June 25 at 11:00am GMT:

• Blonde Redhead (unchanged)
• Tame Impala (unchanged)
• Stars (+5)
• The Roots (-1)
• LCD Soundsystem (+1)
• HEALTH (+3)
• Sambassadeur (unchanged)
• Salem (new)
• Magic Kids (-5)
• Passion Pit (re-entry)

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