Most blogged artists: No Age, Wise Blood, Adebisi Shank

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Los Angeles rock band No Age remains the most popular act on The Hype Machine on August 17, followed by Montreal funk duo Chromeo and Norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp. Among the several acts to debut in the top ten are Wise Blood and Adebisi Shank.

Wise Blood is the performing name of American musician Christopher Laufman. His track "STRT SRNS" has been shared as part of the Music Alliance Pact, a monthly collaboration among 36 music bloggers who share tracks from up-and-coming bands in their home countries. The Wise Blood track was shared by American blog I Guess I'm Floating (, which reviews: "Wise Blood makes the kind of music that strikes right at the very core of impulse... it's a little zap of electricity from a pre-60s groundless outlet, shot up your spine and out your mouth in words only infants would find meaningful."

Irish band Adebisi Shank was also selected as part of the month's Music Alliance Pact: The band's track "International Dreambeat," from its LP This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank, has been shared by Nialler 9 (, which calls it "the sound of rainbows.... You can just see the confetti, the parades and crazy Japanese manga characters."

The 10 most blogged artists on The Hype Machine on August 17 at 10:00 PM GMT:

• No Age (unchanged)
• Chromeo (unchanged)
• Röyksopp (+2)
• Kanye West (unchanged)
• Gold Panda (+2)
• Wise Blood (new)
• Adebisi Shank (new)
• Arcade Fire (re-entry)
• Colapesce (new)
• Basement In My Loft (new)

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