Most blogged artists: Sleigh Bells, Korallreven, Midnight Juggernauts

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Brooklyn noise pop band Sleigh Bells continues to be the most blogged act on The Hype Machine on May 5, while indie rock bands Wolf Parade and Interpol are in second and third. New among the most blogged artists of the moment are Swedish pop duo Korallreven and Australian alternative dance band Midnight Juggernauts.

Korallreven is the project of Swedish musicians Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (the latter is also a member of indie pop band The Radio Dept.) The band name means "coral reef," and the two create a pop music sound that is often described as tropical. The band's label, Achephale Records, has just released two tracks by Korallreven - "The Truest Faith" and "Loved-up"- that are being shared by bloggers. Hyperbole ( describes the band's sound: "It's got that dense production that's been so ear-catching of late, like you're deep in a rain forest with the trees doing drum circles and the wind brushing against some sprinkly synths."

Midnight Juggernauts, a three-piece band from Melbourne, Australia, combine elements of progressive rock, disco, and film music into a difficult-to-define sound. The band's first full-length album peaked at number 21 on the Australian album chart; a follow-up album, The Crystal Axis, is due out on May 28. The band - which runs its own label, Siberia Records - has just released the track "Vital Signs" and a B-side called "Get Connected.' !tashed ( calls the forthcoming album "a 50-minute symphony of synth-rock invention. Veering from percussive, hypnotic grooves to luxuriant jams, walls of sound, and 70s AM melodic forks."

The 10 most blogged artists on The Hype Machine on May 5 at 10:00am GMT:

• Sleigh Bells (unchanged)
• Wolf Parade (+2)
• Interpol (-1)
• Best Coast (+5)
• Korallreven (new)
• Phosphorescent (-1)
• Crystal Castles (+3)
• Kelis (-1)
• The New Pornographers (re-entry)
• Midnight Juggernauts (new)

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