Album: The Black Ghosts, The Black Ghosts (Southern Fried)

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Simian and The Wiseguys, the previous bands respectively of Black Ghosts duo Simon Lord and Theo Keating, both had tracks used to soundtrack car commercials, so it’s no surprise to find their debut album brimming with the kind of smooth, rolling technopop that gets wheels turning and wallets emptying.

With its shivering strings, tambourine and deep, echoing bass drum groove, opener “Some Way Through This” is like trip-hop re-routed through dubstep territory, while closer “Face” opts for a more inyour- face techno thump.

In between, they try out a little folktronica balladry with “Full Moon”, and a bit of slinky R&B soul with “It’s Your Touch”, without ever straying far from the confident synth-bass stride that underpins most tracks. Listen out for Damon Albarn, who guest vocals on ”Repetition Kills You”.