Album: Various Artists, Independents Day '08 (Independents Day)

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The Independent Culture

A sterling affirmation of the creative vitality of independent music, Independents Day 08 is a two-stage expression of how the baton of inspiration gets passed from one era to another.

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On the first disc, currently hot bands offer their interpretations of favourite tracks by their indie influences, while the second disc presents new acts recommended by those same bands, including such tantalising prospects as Shrag, Oceansize and Electricity In Our Homes.

For obvious reasons, the first disc is the more intriguing: who wouldn’t want to hear Jarvis Cocker and Beth Ditto duetting on Heaven 17’s “Temptation”, or Devendra Banhart’s idiosyncratic take on “Don’t Look Back In Anger”? José González’s version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” will doubtless divide purists, but it nevertheless remains faithful to the original’s stark soul.