Album: Vetiver, Tight Knit

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“No pressure, don’t have to worry... no need to rush or hurry.” These lines from “On The Other Side” could stand as Vetiver’s mission statement, Tight Knit featuring more of the relaxed charm that drew acclaim for their previous work.

It’s an album steeped in friendship, both in the performances and the songs: in “Rolling Sea”, a friend is encouraged to visit, while the gentle pain of temporary separation is evoked in “Everyday” with the engaging sweetness of a Josh Rouse number, Vetiver songwriter Andy Cabic continuing his “way-homer vibe” into the following “Through The Front Door”.

The group’s folk-rock roots are displayed throughout, with “Rolling Sea” recalling Byrdmaniax-era Byrds, and “Strictly Rule” borrowing the melody of the traditional folk air “She Moves Through The Fair”.

Best of all is “Down From Above”, whose glitchtronic-folk patina gradually acquires light and clarity, like a flower opening.

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