Stack Waddy, Bugger Off!

Label: Dandelion
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StackWaddy were the rough kids of John Peel’s Dandelion label, their gruff blues-rock sounding like a fart at a funeral alongside the introspective outpourings of labelmates like Bridget St John and Clifford T Ward.

They were a tough sell in such soft times, and had broken up by the time this charmingly titled second album appeared in 1972. But the subsequent admiration of American avant-rockers like Steve Albini has revived interest enough to make this expanded reissue of Bugger Off! worth investigating, if you’ve a penchant for sludgy proto-heavy metal in the vein of Black Sabbath.

They relied heavily on covers of anthemic riffs like “Rosalyn”, “You Really Got Me” and Zappa & Beefheart’s “Willie The Pimp”, while their own heavy, heavy monster sound is best sampled via the intriguing psych-rocker “Meat Pies ’Ave Come But Band’s Not Here Yet”.

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