Live Review: The xx, Somerset House, 13th July

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The xx last night put on a thrilling and vibrant show within the ever-splendid and intimate backdrop of Somerset House.

Starting with the inspired Crystalised created a fantastic atmosphere, but in this they had perhaps played their ace card too early in denying the audience the anticipation of a recognisable track. Shelter took a while to get up to speed but was an entrancing rendition, later offering an excellent bass riff that resounded through the courtyard cobbles.

The xx are at their live best when they get the crowd’s heart beating faster and their arms in the air with their foray into dance undertones, reminiscent of Supermode’s Tell Me Why. The music’s excellent and their stage presence is definitely getting there, but their sound by nature is quite exclusive and would be done much better justice as a moody backdrop to a trendy drinks party than as a standalone evening show.