Elle s'appelle, Lennons

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To fend off the bar-side chatter of a student populated nightclub is a challenge for any rising indie band but tonight Elle s’appelle manage just that. This Merseyside-based band came to notice with the deeply catchy disco-punk single “ Little Flame”, released last November by über-cool indie label Moshi Moshi.

From the start, the trio – Lucy on keyboard and Korg synth, Andy on bass and Owen on drums, and refreshingly no guitar – make a lot of noise. Their quirky opener “Mariappa’” non-stop shouty vocals recall Adam and The Ants. Throughout, alternately sweet and energetic whooping female/male vocals pile into each other, sometimes dispersing into lovely harmonies that line their synth-fuelled pop.

Although it’s all delivered with exuberance, it’s not until they play their best two songs at the end that their joyful music gets the reaction it deserves. “ Little Flame” is thrilling, with punchy melodic vocals from Lucy and urgent keyboards and drums. It could be a Blondie hit.

Brimming with ideas, songs might switch tempo and melodies halfway through, always maintaining the interest of the listener. Despite the lack of guitar distortion to cover mistakes, they maintain perfect pace throughout, even on final song “She Sells Sea Shells” with its fast-paced rousing organ riff and strong bass.

They leave their energetic pop wonders firmly etched on our mind.