Let's Wrestle, Old Blue Last

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The latest band to emerge from Stolen Records, who brought us indie band Pete And The Pirates, is teenage trio Let’s Wrestle. The band rehearse in one of the 18-year-old’s parents’ north London garden sheds, and their live performance tonight – to launch their six-track EP In Loving Memory Of – is , reminiscent of their labelmates – infectious lo-fi indie.

There’s a shambolic punk attitude here, personified by their pint-wielding guitar-strumming singer Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, who comes across as non-plussed, if not downright lazy, mumbling into the mic. But when he wants to belt it out he can, reaching the high notes on catchy EP track “I’m OK You’re OK” with ease. If he doesn’t quite manage to command the stage, his deadpan charm wins over the crowd. You can tell he’s responsible for the band’s wry lyrics as he sings, “ She was a very good cook or so I heard, ’cos she would never cook for me…”in “It’s Not Going to Happen”.

Single “I Won’t Lie to You” is instantly recognisable to the cheering crowd, an exhilarating two-and-a-half-minute pop song with a catchy hook that could knock most indie singles off the radio playlists. Mike Lightning’s sparky bassline is typical of his ever-inventive and unusual melodies, also evident on the rock’n’roll groove of their self-titled track. In their single they have a gem. They just need more of them.