Phoenix supported by James Yuill, Roundhouse, Friday 30th July

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The iTunes festival pulled another spectacular performance out of the bag, within the ever-trendy walls (wall?) of Camden's Roundhouse. The ridiculously popular but rarely spotted French band Phoenix (who will also be playing at this year's Field Day, in partnership with The Independent) were supported by "folktronica" artist James Yuill.

Newcomers to James Yuill shouldn't be put off by his "Ross-Geller-on-the-keyboard" appearance, and although he's a very gentle performer, his mix of acoustic and synth sounds would arguably have been better suited to a club or rave rather than as a supporting act. He attracted - and kept - the crowd, despite being pushed for time and experiencing problems with his trusty Mac which, although somewhat spoiling the mood at the time, made way for a hypnotic display of his vocal and classical acoustic abilities.

Movement In A Storm, James Yuill

After a lifetime of sound checks and a New Year's Eve-style countdown, Phoenix burst onto the stage with Lisztomania, and continued to perform most of their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with some older but still wonderfully recognisable tracks thrown in for good measure. Their performance is faultless, with a sound as clean as the album and a seemingly endless supply of energy. Thomas Mars (aka Mr Sofia Coppola) led the group into a rousing encore (then another... and another...) before immersing himself into the crowd and having to be retrieved and rolled back onto stage by security.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix

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