Band of the Week: Arcadian Kicks

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’19 Days’, the self-released, Mike Chapman produced, Charlatans funded, gem of a single from Birmingham’s Arcadian Kicks is something of a mongrel of the pop industry. Something about the band doesn’t quite seem right at first, something not quite “organic”, but the more this debut single slams your record player, the less your guard is up, and the more genuine the band seems to feel.

The track itself is a sort of Subways-ish girly rock song, but not in the least bit bubblegum, again there’s more authenticity to this band than the likes of The Long Blondes and their kind. It’s got a sharp 50’s edge that’s for sure, but little in the way of gimmick. It’s not trying to be Amy Winehouse, but still retains a retro feel. Think of ’19 Days’ as a modern take on the Ronettes. That’s what they want you to think anyway, and with this single, we’re not going to argue. It’s catchy, exciting, trendier than a Libertines B-side, and arrives just in time for summer.

The band themselves are a ripped t-shirt, leather clad bunch of good looking kids, and with Blondie’s ‘Parallel Lines’ producer in the background of their already recorded album, this band looks like they’ve booked a one way ticket out of Birmingham.

The Arcadian Kicks on myspace