Band of the Week: Stricken City

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Along with bands like Run Toto Run, there’s an incredible wave of stylish, yet warm, girl fronted pop music appearing across Britain. With more heart than the likes of fellow bleep-masters The XX, London based Stricken City are coherently psychedelic with New Wave tones, but wrapping their knob-twiddling indie in a magnetically enticing Bjork-like charm they come off sounding more like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can certainly see a bit of the O in songstress Rebekah Raa, and certainly more talent for writing and performing than the current ilk of precious girlie pin-up pop.

There’s also a bit of Bowie, and a bit of Britpop, but all perfectly honed into their own sound. Raa seems far more real an icon than Marina or Ellie, and far more cohesive and song-over-image led than Florence. Big claims, but this band have a big bag full of songs to hopefully prove their longevity over any trend stars.

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