La La Land sparks surge in tap classes

People might think that tap dancing has had its Hollywood heyday but it's been steadily shuffling away for decades. And the explosion of La La Land has resulted in teachers and dance schools from London to New York seeing an increase in demand for classes

Creamfields and other festivals are under pressure to diversify

Following the disastrous conclusion to Gatecrasher’s Summer Sound System event in May, when a rainstorm forced Hot Chip and The Chemical Brothers to cancel their sets on the Sunday evening, organisers of similar large-scale dance parties this summer will be nervously watching the skies. Yet there’s also a feeling that dance promoters are facing other, less elemental pressures.

Dance now channels the energy of Eighties rave through punk's attitude

Three decades on from the Sex Pistols’ heyday, punk’s still not dead. It has, though, had a remix. Raucous collisions of relentless 4/4 drum beats and raw electronic noise, which channel the up-for-it energy of Eighties rave through punk’s abrasive attitude, are rapidly becoming the defining sound for a new generation who consider “dance” to be all about pogoing, head-banging and moshing.