Day in the Life: Rachel McClelland, label manager at Dirtee Stank Recordings

Rachel dedicates this article to her Dad, Gerald McClelland.
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I wake up and lie in bed for a while looking forward to the day ahead.


I drive to the studio, AKA Dirtee Stank HQ – I’ve been the label manager at Dirtee Stank (owned by Dizzee Rascal & manager/producer Nick Cage) for six months and love it!


I arrive at the studio and check the diary to see if there are any meetings and see which of our artists will be in studio. It’s a really great environment to work in and there’s always plenty of scope to diversify and develop news ideas and concepts.


I speak with the directors Hope Audikana about the Newham Generals video which will be their first shoot and for the duo’s first official release on Dirtee Stank (my background is film and TV and I originally met Nick and Dizzee through my own film production company Rebel State). I then go through the budget to make sure that we’re organised and that there are no nasty surprises lurking.


I have a general business discussion with Nick - as well as dealing with the growing release schedule, we’re currently embarking on a number of joint ventures with regards to Dirtee Stank merchandise, planned for 2009 launches.


Paddy the tour manager and I have a chat about the last few concerts – Dizzee sold out in Inverness and Edinburgh and his performances at Reading and Leeds were incredible. I have a bit of lunch and carry on reading and replying to e-mails.


I deal with press enquiries and speak to Dizzee about some other interviews that are arranged for him. He’s been inundated, especially since Dance Wiv Me went to number one. It’s been the most fantastic beginning for the label and we’re working hard on the next releases, of which there are definitely a few hits.


Footsie of the Newham Generals arrives at the studio ready for a session with Cage – they’re putting the finishing touches to their long awaited album ‘Generally Speaking’ due for release this November.


Chrome pops into the studio. He’s the singer featured on Dance Wiv Me and will be releasing a solo single early 2009. His style is very soulful and definitely commercial - I’m really looking forward to watching him progress.


Speak to our lawyer with regards to license deals – it seems that the world has gone crazy for Dance Wiv Me…happy days!! We recently locked down deals in Australia and New Zealand as well as the US and we’re currently dealing with the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Japan, amongst other territories.


I deal with general admin and accounts to make sure that I’m ahead of the game. I then make a few changes to the release schedule before sending over to our distributor. Then I send a few e-mails to arrange for The Gens album to be mastered.


I sit down with Nick and have a chat about our plans and the overall vision. I love everything about my work, especially the people that I work with and the talent that I’m surrounded by.


I head home and watch a bit of TV, which usually involves flipping between music channels, grab some food and hit the gym which inevitably energises me too much… So much for an early night!

Upcoming releases:

Newham Generals ‘Generally Speaking’ album, November

Smurife ‘Syco’ EP, November

Chrome single, early 2009

Dizzee Rascal new album scheduled for release early 2009.