MySpace launches Pandora-like service for music videos

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On August 12, MySpace Music launched Romeo, a music video service that tailors its playlist based on the user's mood. The service is available on the web or as a free application for iPad.

Romeo asks users to choose a genre; choices include folk, blues, jazz, hip hop, country, or "Play me any genre," among others. The user then selects a mood, such as romantic, chill, studying, working, naughty, dancing, exercising, aggressive, or "Suit any mood." Any combination of genre with mood will produce a different video playlist.

The Romeo app displays a "Love" icon for users to click on when a favorite song is played, allowing for a more tailored listening experience. It also integrates with the iTunes Store to facilitate purchase of music and videos.

Romeo offers a similar service to leading music suggestion services Pandora (available only in the US) and, but it is the only application of its kind to play music videos rather than audio only.

MySpace Music Romeo is free as an iPad app or through MySpace.

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