New music videos of the week: Vampire Weekend, Big Boi, Kylie Minogue

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Justin Bieber premieres a clip for "Never Say Never" featuring Will Smith's son Jaden; Vampire Weekend mixes eras in "Holiday," and Big Boi gets surreal in "Shutterbug." Also: Marionettes take center stage in Josh Ritter's "The Curse," Lil' Wayne premieres his latest clip, and Kylie Minogue gets steamy in "All the Lovers."

Vampire Weekend: "Holiday"
The third video from Vampire Weekend's Contra has the band members partying in modern-day Los Angeles while dressed in britches and powdered wigs.

Big Boi: "Shutterbug"
Outkast's Big Boi is set to release his solo album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty on June 6. "Shutterbug" is the album's first single, and the accompanying video is an artsy clip peppered with special effects.

Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith: "Never Say Never"
Pop star Justin Bieber and Will Smith's son Jaden Smith are both featured in this video for "Never Say Never," off Jaden Smith's upcoming film The Karate Kid.

Josh Ritter: "The Curse"
This video for a track of the American singer-songwriter's second album So Runs the World Away was created by Ritter's drummer Liam Hurly, also an experienced marionette puppeteer.

Lil' Wayne: "Get a Life"
Lil' Wayne's new video is one of four shot during a marathon weekend before the rapper began a jail sentence. Like another recently released video from that session, "Da Da Da," "Get a Life" features Lil' Wayne performing with rock band ¡Mayday! on the roof of a Miami hotel.

Kylie Minogue: "All the Lovers"
Minogue and a nearly naked crowd of admirers are featured in this steamy clip for "All the Lovers," the lead single off Aphrodite, due out July 5.