£2m record deal for Joseph, the 'new Aled Jones'

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Joseph McManners is 12 years old and by the time he turns 13, if his recording company has its way, he is almost sure to feature in grandma's CD collection.

SonyBMG believes Joseph will be the next big thing - and has backed its confidence by signing a £2m, four-album deal with the young singer, who was discovered by a former manager of Elton John.

Reprising such reliable standards as "Bright Eyes", from Watership Down and "Walking in the Air", from The Snowman, Joseph's debut album, In Dreams, is due for release on 24 October. It is aimed at the centre of the lucrative "MOR" (middle-of-the-road) market, with Christmas sales in mind.

Joseph was discovered by Derek McKillop, who formerly managed Elton John, Jamiroquai and James Blunt, one of this year's big successes. McKillop was also the producer of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. He said he had been taking a break from the business but was lured back by Joseph's " unique talent".

Richard Story, a senior vice-president at SonyBMG, said that although at first glance he was an unlikely signing for the label of Usher, Beyoncé Knowles and Justin Timberlake, he was "the most promising new talent we have seen in years". He added: "We are as committed to him as we are to our established artists. We believe that our investment in him accurately reflects the longevity of his career.''

SonyBMG will be hoping that a market still exists for such an old-fashioned concept as an angelic looking boy singing mainstream standards and are clearly hoping to emulate the success of the Welsh choirboy Aled Jones, who also had a huge success with "Walking In the Air".

Joseph was discovered last year, after a nationwide talent search auditioned 25,000 children for the lead role in the opera The Little Prince. Joseph starred alongside well-known performers figures such as Lesley Garrett and Willard White. He also played the title role in a production of the musical Oliver. His next major performance will be a Classic FM concert at the Royal Albert Hall, where he will appear alongside Aled Jones. Perhaps Jones will give him some tips on survival in the music business.

Professor Joan Freeman, an expert on child prodigies, said Jones's example could prove an important model for young performers such as Joseph: " There are major pitfalls awaiting such children if their career is not properly handled by their record company.

"If they remain grounded - Jones stayed at the same school - are mature and have the right personality, then they will cope. Jones struggled but has survived. But if they get taken away from their families and taken over by record companies, they can become dependent on the whole fame thing and then it can be tough.''

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