A dark day for goths (in a good way)


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British goths must have been stony-faced yesterday (well, perhaps more than usual) to have been given such glorious weather for World Goth Day.

That's right, 22 May is a special day for goths around the globe to make their "presence known to the rest of the world", according to the official website. Club nights are set up, cemetery walks organised and the subculture is encouraged to take over radio stations by getting them to play at least one goth song (The Sisters of Mercy must be eagerly anticipating their next PRS cheque).

The winners of the Goth Awards were also announced, so Emma Dark-Morte would have been toasting her best model win, Fields of the Nephilim were awarded best band and Neil Gaiman took home best author.

World Goth Day started after BBC6 Music celebrated goth music in 2009 and has since grown into an international movement. But the real question is: how long until Hallmark jumps on the bandwagon?