A GoPro fell off a drone at Burning Man directly onto a dance floor and the resultant footage is amazing

It was handed into lost and found filled with party scenes

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Most 'GoPro accidentally falls to Earth' stories end with someone finding it on their allotment six months later and returning it, filled with hours of boring footage of grass/sky, but not this one.

A camera strapped to a drone at Burning Man festival in Nevada landed directly in front of a dance stage and was picked up and passed around by revellers, capturing some unbridled hedonism.

"GoPro camera falls off a drone flying over Burning Man festival and lands in a pumping dance floor! Amazingly the camera got handed in to lost and found, and this is what was on it! How good is that!" YouTube uploader Terry Tufferson said.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 10.47.20.jpeg


There's every chance this was a set-up (and very well-executed if so) but damnit I want to believe.

Last week, Burning Man attendees shared their craziest stories from the festival, which included a man riding around the desert on acid in a firetruck that was modified to shoot flames and a woman visiting a portable toilet in the middle of nowhere that turned out to be the world's tiniest bar.