A radio station has been playing Nelly's Hot in Herre for 68 straight hours

Listeners were like 'Good gracious, asses bodacious!'

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San Francisco radio station Latino Mix 105.7 FM has dispensed with usual programming to bring you Hot In Herre by Nelly on loop indefinitely.

The station began its Nelly-only playlist on Friday afternoon and almost 3 days later shows no sign of stopping.

While an undeniable banger, even the most ardent fans of the track might balk at hearing in 1000+ times back to back, an ordeal which probably wouldn't make it past Guantanamo Bay regulations.

The move is most likely a stunt designed to drum up interest in the station's rumoured rebranding from Latino Mix FM 105.7 to English language pop station Hot 105.7.

'Stunting' has a long history in radio, with a Toronto station previously Rickrolling listeners for a full week and a Milwaukee smooth jazz radio station once playing nothing but “songs about cheating inspired by Tiger Woods".

Bay Area residents can expect to hear Nelly uninterrupted from open windows and passing cars for a few more days, with one listener commenting: "24 hours ago I could only remember the chorus of this, now I could spit out every lyric while doing a crossword and not miss a thing."

Another claimed that "'good gracious asses bodacious' is one of the most meaningful lines in music."

UPDATE: The Nelly has ceased after 74 hours, everybody put your clothes back on