A match made in home-video heaven


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The emergence of a sex tape can put a strain on celebrity romances. In Kanye West's case, it might only bring him closer to Kim Kardashian, his girlfriend.

Not because the girl in West's videos is rumoured to be a Kardashian lookalike, rather that Kardashian had her own video scandal in 2007.

West's lawyers are trying to prevent the release of two videos. But if they do emerge then the Kanye and Kim union will be the biggest, er, coming together of two such stars.

West can also take solace in the fact that these days naked footage can simply heighten a star's reputation. Kardashian's video took her from an attractive society girl to one of the best-known reality stars in the US. And then there is the subject's bank balance. Like Paris Hilton who first navigated the route of sex-tape-to-reality-star, Kardashian made money from her time in front of the camera.

Should the couple take a step closer and walk up the aisle together they could eschew the nuptial photos in Hello! in favour of hawking the wedding-night video to the highest bidder.