Azealia Banks is finally actually going to release an album

Broke With Expensive Taste was meant to come out 17 months ago

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Azealia Banks has announced a release date for her very, very long-gestating debut album Broke With Expensive Taste, promising to leak it on April 15.

The rapper's debut LP was originally supposed to be released in September 2012, but was pushed pack numerous times.

It was finally due to drop last month, only to get postponed once again.

"Album leaks starting April 15th" Banks tweeted today, though it was not clear whether she means she will leak it herself or is simply expecting others to ahead of its launch.

Earlier in the year, Banks lashed out at Universal and begged to belet out of her record contract due to the delays to her album.

Her UK tour dates have also been pushed back from March to September, after originally being scheduled for November 2013.

She first broke through with the track 212, before having lesser hits with the songs Liquorice and Atlantis.