Billy Corgan gets angry at a fan asking if he thought 'Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain'

“Are you legitimately asking me this question here?”

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Kurt Cobain has been going through somewhat of a renaissance in cinema this year. First there was the Montage of Heck documentary that followed the Nirvana frontman’s life from his early life to his late downfall.

Then, controversially, Soacked in Bleach was released: a film that follows a private investigator as he looks into Cobain’s relationship with Courtney Love and concludes that Cobain may not have committed suicide.

During a Q&A with some fans, Billy Corgan, frontman of The Smashing Pumkins and once Courtney Love’s partner, was asked his thoughts on the conspiracy theories put forward in the film. He was not impressed in the slightest. Watch from around the 2.20 mark.

“Are you legitimately asking me this question here?” Corgan says as soon as the fans finished asking his rambling question. “No I don’t care to answer [that question] because I think what does that have to do with me?”

The session continues on as normal, Corgan slightly more uptight than before but, after a bit of praise from fans in the audience, he settles back down.

In other Billy Corgan news, the singer was pictured looking miserable at Disneyland recently, the picture soon going viral.

Ironically, the singer had previously compared listening to music as a songwriter to being the construction worker at Disneyland and not seeing the joy in the rides.

He told Loudwire: "It's a little bit like going to Disneyland and looking at all of the rides from the perspective of the construction as opposed to joy. I don't know. It’s hard for me to listen to songs clearly anymore. I feel like that ship has sailed a long time ago. In many ways I don't listen to popular music like I used to. I mostly just listen to classical music."