Billy Ray Cyrus releases rap remix of 'Achy Breaky Heart' - with twerking aliens

Video features near-naked female aliens and new Miley-inspired lyrics

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Billy Ray Cyrus has taken inspiration from his own daughter Miley in the new video for his rap rendition of “Achy Breaky Heart”- including a large dose of twerking  (scroll to watch video).

If a rap version of the 1992 country hit wasn’t odd enough already, the bizarre video features a number of scantily-clad female alien figures twerking on a UFO while Billy Ray rocks out on the space shuttle’s floor.

The video features Billy Ray and rapper Buck 22, the son of Dionne Warwick and jazz drummer Bill Elliott, who has added new lyrics to the song including: “Miley keeps twerking, Daddy’s song is working, now Billy sing that crazy hook again – ‘Wrecking Ball!’”

The strange video also features American TV host Larry King, who starts by warning the audience in a news report that “an unidentified UFO has been seen transcending over Europe last tracked by the United States force”.

Billy Ray, who doesn’t even look to be playing the guitar properly, takes a back seat to the dominating physical presences of Buck 22 who leads a line dance towards the end of the video.

Although neither musician can compare to the near-naked aliens, who certainly appear to be wearing a lot less clothing than Miley Cyrus during her much-criticised performance at the VMAs last year.

But whether Billy Ray will take the rap for his raunchy video as much as Miley remains to be seen...