Bloodhound Gang: Last week they were barred from Russia, today they face 'hooliganism' charges in Ukraine

The American rock group face potential criminal action after 'Evil' Jared Hasselhoff allegedly urinates on Ukrainian flag

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Last week American rock group Bloodhound Gang were barred from Russia following an incident where bandmember Jared Hasselhoff shoved the country’s flag into his underpants. But now the band are facing criminal charges of “hooliganism” in neighbouring Ukraine after Mr Hasselhoff reportedly urinated on the national flag.

The alleged stunt took place during a concert in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on 30 July, according to the accompanying details of a YouTube video in which Mr Hasselhoff can be seen apparently peeing on the blue and yellow standard. It is alleged to have happened one day before Hasselhoff caused offence with the Russian flag during another performance, in the Ukrainian port of Odessa, when he is alleged to have shouted out: "Don't tell Putin."

Kiev police said in a statement that the incident had been reported to them and that they had launched an investigation, classifying urinating on the Ukrainian flag as "hooliganism" and an "outrage against state symbols".

They said they had been informed about the incident on Monday and described Mr Hasselhoff's actions as showing disrespect for the Ukrainian people.

A spokeswoman for Ukraine's Foreign Ministry described both flag stunts as "unacceptable". She added: "Such actions involving the desecration of state symbols cannot be justified by (their intended) shock value.”

On Friday last week Russia barred the Bloodhound Gang from performing at a festival in the Krasnodar region by the Black Sea as a result of their appearance in Odessa.  

The band apologised to Russia for the flag incident, Russian media reported, but their attempts to make amends with the Russian authorities did not seem to work.

"For such pranks they should be behind bars," Krasnodar region governor Alexander Tkachyov said in a tweet on Saturday. "And, by the way, let them use their apology as a wipe.”

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky reportedly described the band as "idiots" and said they were "packing their suitcases".

The band could also face criminal charges in Russia and a member of the upper house, the Federation Council, has called for the band's members not to be allowed to return to the country.

Bloodhound Gang, whose records include Hooray for Boobies and One Fierce Beer Coaster, are known for their sexual and satirical subject-matter.

Mr Hasselhoff, a bassist for the band known by the stage prefix "Evil", was born Jared Victor Hennegan.