Blue's Simon Webbe declared bankrupt

The singer has become the latest Blue star to file for bankruptcy

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Simon Webbe has become the latest member of boy band Blue to be declared bankrupt.

The singer filed court papers on 25 September declaring he had gone bankrupt just days after fellow band mate Duncan James.

The band released their fourth studio album in April after appearing on ITV’s The Big Reunion, which saw groups including Atomic Kitten, 5ive and 911 try to relaunch their music careers.

The group said reuniting had been a financial gamble, which is why they called their latest album Roulette.

Their music company Blueworld Ltd reportedly went into administration in May, despite a sell-out European tour.

James, who was declared bankrupt early in September, said: “In some strange way, it’s actually a relief to have been declared bankrupt. It means I can start again.

“Before I went bankrupt, I had been trying to pay off loans for years and felt as if I was drowning.”

Third Blue member Antony Costa revealed he also faced financial difficulties when the band originally split in 2004.

Webbe is the latest music star to be declared bankrupt in 2013.

Martine McCutcheon, Kerry Katona, Lauryn Hill and Duncan James have all filed for bankruptcy this year.