Brian May's anti-badger cull track enters download chart


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Queen guitarist and anti-badger cull campaigner Brian May could be headed for chart success on Sunday with his new single ‘Save The Badger, Badger, Badger.’

The song, recorded by May and internet entertainer Weebl and featuring the vocals of actor Brian Blessed, has made the top 40 in the iTunes download chart.

It is also currently the most popular track in the iTunes Store top 10 rock chart, however the song is yet to enter the Official UK singles chart.

May has been a vocal campaigner against the badger cull, attending protests and writing extensively in opposition to the Government’s proposal on his blog.

He said: “The British people are speaking in their many thousands, and yet the Government is refusing to listen.

“We thank them for buying this track and giving the badgers a voice. Let's get this to number one so Cameron cannot avoid it”

The Government hopes to reduce bovine tuberculosis partly by culling badgers, which are widely blamed for spreading the disease.

A six-week trial cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire - where the disease is rife – has begun, with the aim of extending it across much of the country if it is deemed to be humane, efficient and safe. Around 5,000 badgers are expected to be killed in controlled shootings.

Those against the cull, including the RSPCA and wildlife organisations, say it is ineffective and inhumane.

May added: “All the peer-reviewed scientific evidence shows that the answer to the problem of bovine TB in cattle does not lie in this slaughter and that this action will be ineffective and potentially damaging to the welfare of both farm animals and wildlife.

“It is shocking that the NFU and the Government have been allowed to continue with a politically-led policy with no basis in science against the will of the people.”

Activists dance to Brian May's single