#BritAwards: your reviews of the Brits 2013 in 140 characters


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Aside from a lot of teenage girls tweeting #onedirectionarewinners there was talk of Emilie Sandé's strange accent, people annoyed with those tweeting 'who is Ben Howard?' and a general feeling that the awards played it too safe this year.


The only way to save this would be to get Grace Jones on with a hula hoop. #Brits2013


This is, officially, A Cultural Lull #brits2013


Dear ITV, any chance we can just go straight to News At Ten now?#BRITs2013 #brits


I'm not a #OneDirection hater, but that was truly gobsmackingly dreadful sacrilege #onewayoranother #brits2013 and poor#Undertones too


#corden I think A-Levels are VERY important. Just saying


On tonight's evidence James Corden will soon be appearing in “One Man, Two Jokes” on Broadway #brits


Somewhere down south, a provincial branch of Wetherspoons is missing its “banter” tonight #corden #BRITsAwards2013


And Harry Styles watched Robbie Williams thinking, “Oh God. This is going to be me, isn't it? Oh God.” #BRITs2013


It's like that uncle that always takes to the dancefloor at a wedding#daddancing #robbie #BRITs2013


*Checks watch* Well Twitter, I make that an hour before the Emilie Sande jokes start.


Our next award is a special one...it's the Emili Sande Award for most overrated Artist of the Year.


Ben Howard - like Ed Sheeran, pleasant but not by any means awe inspiring. #brits2013


Feel like I'm cheating on becks how much I'm loving JT #jt #BRIT2013


Making jokes out of Frank's sexuality in 2013. The joke, seriously, is on you. #brits2013


Yeah, Bryan Ferry's still cooler than everyone at the Brits.#BRITs2013

Grumpy Cat ‏@ItsTheGrumpyCat

Friendly reminder that Adele and Taylor Swift are the same age yet one of them has a child and another is mentally stuck in middle school.


it must be awkward for taylor swift to have to perform in front of her 83503 exes


that's a table and table cloth she's wearing right? And the top symbolizes the paper or lace napkins? I'm confused... #brits2013#taylor