Brits 2015: Most cringeworthy moments from 'Fallen Madonna' to Taylor Swift dancing – and that Kim Kardashian selfie fail

Everything was far from alright on the night at last night's music awards...

Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran may have been the big winners at last night's Brit Awards, but there is little dispute that it was Madonna who stole the show.

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Not one to ever be upstaged, Her Madgesty fell down four steps in trademark dramatic fashion (she's fine, she assures us) while elsewhere, Kim Kardashian showed she wasn't such an ace at taking selfies after all and Ellie Goulding disappointed in the banter stakes.

Here's our pick of some of the most cringeworthy moments:

Madonna learns the hard way that wearing a cape doesn't mean you can fly

When the Queen of Pop took an epic tumble down the stairs at the start of her closing performance of "Living For Love", millions winced. One thing's for sure, we wouldn't want to be the backing dancer who dragged her off stage by her cape this morning.

Ant and Dec's selfie fail with Kim Kardashian

Guys, we love you, but these things are best left to Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars. When they seduced US reality star Kim into taking a selfie (not hard that), the photo didn't take because the phone was locked. Meaning no social media retweets and an all-round fail.

Kanye West being muted out

Kanye brought out the big dogs of grime for his high-energy performance of "All Day" but sadly for viewers, most of the sound was bleeped out by ITV because he raps the n-word a lot. So for five minutes we were essentially just watching a hooded mob throwing flames. Cool though.

Ellie Goulding and Lewis Hamilton's poor banter

F1 world champion Lewis (no we're not quite sure why he was at the Brits either) had a dig at Ellie's white floaty dress, asking if she was "going to a wedding or something" and it all went downhill from there. "Excuse me!" she shouted...awkward silence. Another joke. More awkward silence.

Taylor Swift's dancing (again)

Let's face it, it's just not an awards ceremony without some of Tay-Tay's dance moves. Here she is rocking it to Kanye, sound or no sound.

Rita Ora and Orlando Bloom flirting should be illegal

When you have to tell your presenting buddy to stop staring at your dress' plunging neckline, it's not a great start. "Stop looking down! Look at my eyes!" she ordered, before the pair indulged in a bit of eyesy-eyesy. Oh and Rita grabbed his face John Travolta-style. Please, no more.

No-one knows who Royal Blood are

They beat One Direction, Coldplay, alt-J and Clean Bandit to win Best British Group but Twitter was largely in the dark about who this Brighton duo were. Why were they here? And why are they stealing the gong from Harry Styles?

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