Busta Rhymes detained at London airport

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American rapper Busta Rhymes was detained at London City Airport today as he arrived in the UK to play a charity gig, concert promoter Orange said.

Orange said Rhymes has a valid work permit for tomorrow's concert where he is due to perform before 5,000 charity volunteers.

Stephen Greene, co-founder of RockCorps, said: "We're shocked at this sequence of events and this treatment of Busta.

"He has the necessary work permit and has been in the country twice already this year, so we're a little puzzled that a question mark is now being placed over his ability to enter the country to perform to volunteers.

"Orange RockCorps has inspired thousands of young Brits to help their community, get involved and make a real difference through a love of music, so we have every confidence that the Government will rule in our favour later today and allow us to fulfil our promise to these positive young people by allowing Busta Rhymes into the country to perform."

Orange said Rhymes arrived in the UK at 7.26am today.

A statement on its website said: "He was initially denied entry to the country due to 'unresolved convictions in the USA'.

"His lawyer Philip Trott intervened and presented papers in support of Busta's case for entry.

"The immigration authorities repeated he was to be denied entry and made arrangements to fly him back to Amsterdam on a flight at 9.30am.

"Contact was made with the duty High Court judge, Mr Justice Flaux, who granted an injunction at 8.58am to prevent Busta being returned to Amsterdam.

"He is currently detained pending a decision on temporary admission by the immigration officer."

The statement said Rhymes insisted his friend and fellow US rapper Ludacris was contacted.

He agreed to fly to the UK to join the RockCorps line-up.