Celine Dion and Ne-Yo team up for new video 'Incredible' in bizarre pop collaboration


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If you found it hard to get your head around news of Snoop Dogg and Psy’s collaboration this week, try Celine Dion and Ne-Yo for size.

The ballad queen has teamed up with the American R&B singer on a new video for their single “Inspiration”, which debuted on ABC news in the US this morning.

But fans hoping for an inspirational video may be disappointed, as the four minute short simply features Celine Dion and Ne-Yo singing on a skyscraper in the middle of an unnamed, nondescript city.

The single doesn’t leave much to be desired either, however it is sung with a large pinch of sincerity from Dion and Ne-Yo as they grip their hands tightly with their eyes close while singing the word “incredible”.

Apart from the first ‘verse’, “The whole world is watching us now / Since there’s no way to come down”, the entire four minute single seems to be a variation on the song’s chorus, “Let’s make them remember. Using one word ‘incredible…We’ll go down in history, they’ll describe our love as incredible.”

At one point Dion belts out “Single! Single! Single!” which only adds to the confusion, as her and Ne-Yo appear to feign some good chemistry up on the rooftop.

Will the video go down in pop music history? No. But the tune’s cheesy heart-felt lyrics and the random collaboration may well do.