Chance the Rapper becomes 'Chance the Wrapper' for Kit-Kat jingle

Now we just need Kanye to spit a Snickers verse

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Kit Kat has somehow landed Chance the Rapper to write a jingle and appear in a commercial for the chocolate bar.

Given Chance has previously riffed off Arthur and The Simpsons, an idiosyncratic take on the classic ‘Gimme a break’ jingle feels entirely possible.

The Hersheys product promised the jingle sometime today (in a tweet Chance noticeably didn’t retweet) - we’ll update this story as soon as it drops.

Update - Here it be:

They did release a pretty endearing photo of him dressed as a bear though, holding a ‘Chance the Wrapper’ version of the bar.

Is this a limited edition run, and Chance’s little face is set to be hovering in rows underneath newspapers across the world? Probably not, but I sincerely hope so.

Chance appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon at the weekend, giving a joyous performance of 'Blessings' from his latest album Coloring Book.