Chance the Rapper receives 'thank you' letter from Chicago school after $1m donation

'All of the things you do for our city never go unnoticed'

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Chance the Rapper has received a letter of thanks following his announcement that he would be donating $1 million to Chicago Public Schools. 

Three students, Alex Rojas, Alondro Cerros and Annelisse Betancourt of Lake View High School, shared an open letter via Billboard thanking the artist for his continuing support of the city he grew up in.

"There are many big celebrities from Chicago, but you are one of the few that really give back," they wrote. 

"It is evident that you sincerely care for the youth here. That is why you are an inspiration to us. We appreciate you for not only representing us through your music, but also through your actions."

They continued: "All of the things that you do for our city never go unnoticed. All of the free concerts you host and all the time you spend here in the city really show you care.

"We notice it. We look up to you because the fame usually takes humility away from artists, but it hasn't changed you."

Chance shared the link to Billboard's tweet and wrote: "I appreciate you guys, and you'll be happy to know that the work has only just started. Huge things to come over the next 2weeks [sic]."

The rapper's donation was made after he became frustrated by talks with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner, saying he was "disappointed" by the governor's answers on how to solve the city's budget problems.

Rauner had recently vetoed a bill that would likely have enabled the school district to pay $215m in bills and pension payments. 

Chicago school officials are also currently suing the state because they believe that funds allocated to the urban school district are "discriminatory". 

Chance's donation will be sourced from proceeds made from ticket sales for his tour, which is set to begin on 24 April in San Diego. 

He will also make an additional $10,000 donation for after school maths and reading classes at Westcott Elementary. 

You can read the full letter to Chance here.