Coachella 2014: OutKast's reunion suffers technical glitch and bores fans

The rap duo's anticipated reunion received a lukewarm response

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Outkast’s anticipated reunion at Coachella was met with a flat response from the audience, according to reviews.

The performance marked the first time Andre 3000 and Big Boi appeared together since the release of 2006’s Idlewild.

But while their reunion was the most-tweeted about performance of the day at Coachella on Friday, it was undermined by a technical fault and a mediocre response from the crowd.

According to one Complex Music review, when the duo asked "Everybody let me her you say ‘O-yea-yer’, the crowd could barely muster up an energetic response.

Writing in the Guardian, reviewer Rebecca Nicholson added: “It proved underwhelming for many fans, with a large amount of the audience deserting the performance before it reached its climax of 'Hey Ya!’.”

A technical problem also forced OutKast to cut "Ms Jackson" halfway through.

According to Insanul Ahmed of Complex Music: “Their set ended in a super awkward fashion; after spending too much time on album cuts and separate solo mini sets, they ran over their set time and couldn’t even perform ‘The Whole World’.”

The rap duo was joined on stage during their performance by Janelle Monae and Sleepy Brown, who were welcome guests, according to reports.

However, OutKast then ungracefully bowed out for the night with Andre saying: “I know it’s kind of weird” and Big Boi telling fans they’d see them next week.