Craig David has a new song and it's about MDMA and 'killer chicks'

'Before you know it you're naked'

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Craig David is back. He has a new song. It's one part Craig David, three parts The Weeknd and 15 parts Kanye West and it's completely ridiculous but I kind of love it.

Six years after his last album to feature original material, Trust Me (thanks Wikipedia, I obviously only know Born To Do It), David is to drop a new LP entitled Following My Intuition, and "Cold" is the first single to be released from it.

He seems to be aiming for 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye West on it (in fact the chorus sample might actually be Kanye?), while lyrical highlights include:

"Cold hearted and deranged like a killer chick from a movie"

"The girl's an instant lover / Like a hit of MDMA"

"Before you know it you're naked"

The new album will also feature a track called "Less Is More" and will be released through Universal.

That's about all we know about it so far, so this seems like a good opportunity to just stop and listen to "Seven Days":