Crime at Glastonbury Festival down 30% police say (but it is only day one)


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Crime at the Glastonbury festival is down 30 per cent from the last time the event was held, police said today.

As of this morning, there had been 107 crimes, compared with 153 at the same point in 2011.

Inspector Shirley Eden, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: "It's down to us targeting certain areas and sharing intelligence with colleagues who police other festivals.

"The festival organisers can also be thanked for the way they arrange the ticketing system."

There have been 62 thefts from tents, compared with 57 at the same point in 2011, and 32 drug-related offences.

Police are urging festival-goers to look after their possessions when in crowded areas as the music gets under way today.

Ms Eden said: "When people are down by the stages, we want them to keep their mobile phones safe.

"It's when people are in the mosh pit they get their things nicked."

Officers from the force have been running an undercover operation in the two days since the festival opened its gates.

Three plain-clothes officers wandered the campsites looking for personal possessions left on display which could easily have been stolen and placed stickers containing a QR code, directing people to the Glastonbury Police website, on valuable items.

Avon and Somerset Police have now launched a competition, asking festival-goers how many items they found.

Among the haul were smartphones, a wallet, a camera, a stereo and a pair of Hunter wellies.