Custom-made banknotes are good currency for Muse and other musos


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Custom-made banknotes are the new rock ‘n’ roll. Muse are currently firing cannons of fake 13 Euro notes, or “Musos” printed with pictures of themselves, into arenas on their 2nd Law tour.

Subtitled “The Unsustainable Tour”, the spectacular show also features a cartoon dancing Angela Merkel and a scene in which a banker suffers a horrible death.

Phoenix, meanwhile, have gone one better, showering the crowd at Primavera festival last month with zero dollar bills designed by Richard Prince.

The artist defaced the standard design with random cut-out numbers and his own name for the French band to drop from the skies during “Bankrupt!”, the title track from their new album. Prince’s works have a habit of breaking records at auction so they might end up being worth more than face value one day.

Although the band chucked out 42,000 of them, so don’t call Christie’s just yet.

Royal Court comes clean on new writing

There’s no escaping new writing at the Royal Court – not even in the showers.

As part of the theatre’s Open Court season, which starts on Monday, new plays have been hidden in various spots around the building. Visitors can pick up headphones at the box office and tune into works by Abi Morgan, Penelope Skinner and E V Crowe, throughout the day. Nessah Muthy’s “Hungry” will play in the showers.

“We have homeless people who come in and ask to use our backstage bathrooms quite regularly so it’s inspired by that”, I’m told.

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