Dave Grohl mocks corporate box ticket-holders in tongue-in-cheek rant at Foo Fighters gig

You, eating the chicken fingers and talking about your carpet cleaning company, Dave's got his eye on you 

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Nobody, and we mean nobody, escapes the beady eye of frontman Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighters gig. If you aren’t on your feet, singing along, he will find you, and he will mock you.

Most recently, it was the turn of the “motherf**ker” corporate box ticket-holders, who came under fire for “sitting there eating chicken fingers” instead of engaging with the band.

“Don’t make me make you do the f**king wave. Because I’ll do it. I will get a wave going, you right motherf**kers in the box seats!” he yelled at the 30 September show in Wichita, Kansas, tongue firmly in cheek. 

“Look at you! They own car dealerships and s**t up there. I know who you are, you’ve got a f**king carpet cleaning company. I get it. You got tickets from the hockey team or some s**t, it’s all good.”

But Grohl did not stop there, promising to “rock [their] f**king balls just as hard” as those in the stalls. “You can sit there eating your chicken fingers, but your ass is mine motherf**ker!" he laughed. "That’s just how I roll. Hope y’all got some f**king ranch with that s**t!”

Foo Fighters are known for their loud and energetic shows, even having to pull out of headlining Glastonbury last summer after Grohl broke his leg falling off stage in Sweden.

Grohl regularly interacts with concert-goers, dedicating song “Big Me” to a girl in a cast last month, inviting a male fan to play drums with him and bringing his doctor out to perform a cover of “Seven Nation Army”. 

The 46-year-old rocker is still performing in a giant throne made from guitars after refusing to let his injury force a prolonged halt in the tour. Current dates run up to 19 November.

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