David Bowie sets another trend – get ready for a year of comebacks

Yesterday’s stars announce reunions in 2013 and new releases

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Trust David Bowie to start a new trend.

The surprise return of the “retired” pop chameleon, after a decade resting on his laurels, appears to have delivered a kick up the backside to other music stars who have been content to sit back and count their royalties.

2013 is set to be the year of the comeback, with groups once split asunder reuniting, rock legends rediscovering their muse and long-lost singers finally delivering that masterpiece which they’ve spent the past decade tinkering with.

Observing the fervour surrounding the arrival of Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?” track, Justin Timberlake, who dominated the charts a decade ago, immediately confirmed he would release his first new material in six years next Monday. Then Beyoncé delighted fans of bootylicious R&B by disclosing that Destiny’s Child, the girl-group with which she made her name, will ride once again.

From the soothing strains of Richard Clayderman, to dormant indie legends My Bloody Valentine and lost-in-action soul singer D’Angelo, reputations usefully burnished by lengthy periods of inactivity may finally be placed on the line.

Even Prince got in on the act, issuing a funky new track as a download through a third-party Twitter account, hours after Bowie annexed the airwaves.

As music fans prepare for a Glastonbury tipped to be headlined by Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones, the message for Rihanna is clear. If you want to bask in a renewed outpouring of adulation, it’s time to say “Goodbye, and see you in 2020”.

Star turns: The comeback kids

Destiny’s Child: Despite calling their last album Destiny Fulfilled, Beyoncé Knowles this week unveiled “Nuclear” on her website – the first new song in eight years from the girlband. Rumours abound that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will join Knowles to perform at the Super Bowl in February.

D’Angelo: The neo-soul star took a sabbatical in 2000. He returned to the stage last year fuelling anticipation a new LP will appear in 2013.

My Bloody Valentine: the masters of noise-pop are almost certainly set to release the follow-up to their 1991 album Loveless. Kevin Shields confirms a new album will be delivered digitally any day now.

Richard Clayderman: After more than a decade away, the French-born king of easy listening is back again.

Justin Timberlake: star who famously brought “sexy back” has now remembered to bring the music back too.