David Brent unplugged? Ricky Gervais confirms The Office's middle manager will play live gigs

The "Free Love Freeway" singer has been inundated with requests from major record labels since he was resurrected by the comedian earlier this year

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Ricky Gervais has revealed he will perform live as his alter ego David Brent next month.

The actor and comedian said Brent’s fictional band Foregone Conclusion, from the hit comedy series The Office, will play a couple of live gigs in London.

He tweeted: “David Brent is going to do a couple of very cheap, very low key warm up gigs with Forgone Conclusion in London this October. Stay tuned.”

The news comes two months after Gervais said he had been inundated with “ridiculous offers from major record deals” to produce a David Brent album.

The comedian recently resurrected the egocentric Slough paper merchant manager in a Comic Relief special, in which Brent wrote and starred in his own rap song "Equality Street."

Gervais has also created a YouTube series around The Office star called ‘Learn Guitar with David Brent’.

The series includes tutorial videos teaching viewers how to play "Spaceman Come Down," "Ain't No Trouble," and Brent’s classic hit from the TV series, "Free Love Freeway."

The comedian first hinted Brent would start playing gigs in July when he asked his Twitter followers: “What’s the best little theatre in your town for David Brent to do an unplugged set of songs followed by a Q & A?”

He received a huge response from his followers and said: “Twitter just sorted out David Brent’s first world tour. Cheers!”

Gervais is also believed to be working on material for a film featuring Brent.

David Brent with Dom Johnson in The Office Comic Relief special