David Cameron's top Christmas album is 'Babel' by Mumford and Sons

The prime minister is a fan of the folk-pop band

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Prime Minister David Cameron first tried to be 'down with the kids' when he named The Killers' Hot Fuss as one of his Desert Island Discs.

Now, the Conservative Party leader has added popular folk band Mumford & Sons to his iPod and named their second album Babel  as one of his festive favourites.

When asked what his favourite Christmas song is during an interview with The Spectator, Cameron said: "Although it's been out all year I really love the Mumford & Sons album Babel.

"It's driving [wife] Samantha mad. You know what it's like when you overplay something and it's even beginning to annoy you, and it's annoyed everyone else in the family."

Mumford & Sons are not really a new discovery for the prime minister, however, as he hand-picked them to play The White House for Barack Obama in March 2012.

Cameron was 'banned' from listening to The Smiths earlier this year, after Johnny Marr and Morrissey voiced their rage at "This Charming Man" being among the politician's favourites.

"It's been something of a music crisis year for me because I'm not allowed to listen to The Smiths any more," he said at a music industry event. "I've had to find some other stuff I am allowed to listen to."

Radiohead's Thom Yorke is also determined to keep Cameron out of his fanbase, saying he will "sue the living s**t out of him" if the prime minister ever uses any of his songs for a promotional campaign.