Dizzee Rascal launches foul-mouthed rant against Radio 1

The rapper said he thought US artists were favoured on the station

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Dizzee Rascal has launched a foul-mouthed tirade against Radio1, hitting out at the Live Lounge and the station’s playlist.

The rapper, 28, said in a Twitter rant: “Whoever does Radio 1 playlist suck my dick! I’m tired of you Cocksuckers you better stop playing me. Make up your f***ing minds!!!

He continued: “I’m tired of putting up with these 2 faced pricks at Radio 1! If anyone’s got a problem let me know. All this nice guy s***’s dead!”

He said he knew going against Radio 1 wasn’t “smart” but was tired of holding back “and being a good little n****r?”.

“Going against Radio 1 aunt smart [sic] but I’m tired of holding it down and being a good little n****r. You’re full of s*** Bar the specialists,” he said.

He also directed his anger at the Live Lounge, where acts are invited to perform on air, suggesting that the station is more lenient towards big US acts using bad language.

“When Americans get played on radio 1 they make allowances for profanity but if it’s coming from the n****r down the road it’s a problem!” he said.

Dizzee was previously involved in Robbie Williams’ spat with Radio 1, when the station refused to play Williams’ single “Candy”, calling Nick Grimshaw a “bastard”.

His subsequent collaboration with Williams, “Goin’ Crazy”, was deemed appropriate for the station and returned to its playlist.

Grimshaw was appointed breakfast DJ last year in a bid to regain the station's appeal to 15-29 year olds, after the average age of its audience rose to 32.