Donald Trump ogled Spice Girl Emma Bunton in front of Melania, unearthed footage shows

Bunton appears visibly taken aback and turns away from him to cover the neckline of her low-cut dress 


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Newly unearthed footage has emerged of Donald Trump appearing to eye up a Spice Girl while then-girlfriend Melania Trump is present.

The clip dates back to 2000 when Spice Girls Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham were working the red carpet at a VH1 Fashion Rocks party.

Turning to the camera, Beckham says: “Donald Trump looks like a banker this evening.”

“Not at all stylish – but god he’s rich so we’ll interview him anyway”.

The pair then stop Mr Trump to engage in a quick chat. As they greet him, the billionaire property developer can be heard saying “very nice” after moving his head round to take a look at the behind of Bunton’s dress.

Bunton, who was nicknamed Baby Spice, then appears visibly taken aback, turning away from him and covering the neckline of her low-cut dress with her hand.

“Donald!” she snaps before the pair continue their brief interview, pretending nothing untoward has happened.

Ms Trump, who married the President in 2005, is walking behind Mr Trump and appears to be in earshot when he makes the lewd remarks to Bunton. 

President Trump has a record of making demeaning, sexist comments about and towards women. This includes everything from boasting that when you are a star you can grab women “by the p***y” in an infamous leaked 2005 tape to calling Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” to saying Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever”.

What’s more, Mr Trump once claimed he could have sex with Princess Diana. In a 1997 interview unearthed by BuzzFeed last year, Mr Trump and radio shock jock host Howard Stern discussed the late Princess Diana’s attractiveness and whether Mr Trump would have been able to “nail” Diana. 

In the interview which was held shortly after she was killed in a car crash, Mr Trump claimed Diana had sent him the “most beautiful, warm letter” after he did her a personal favour and sent her some flowers. “Why do people think it’s egotistical of you to say you could’ve gotten with Lady Di?” Stern subsequently asked Mr Trump. “You could’ve gotten her, right? You could’ve nailed her.”

Mr Trump retorted: “I think I could have.”

However, in an interview with Piers Morgan last year, Mr Trump denied having any romantic interest in the Princess. 

Representatives for Bunton declined to comment and representatives for Mr Trump did not immediately respond to request for comment.