‘Drunk grown man crying’ at Foo Fighters concert was sober, had just buried his mother

The incident takes an unexpected twist

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Earlier in the week, we reported on Dave Grohl pulling a “grown ass man” he saw crying in the crowd at a Foo Fighters concerts on stage and singing a ballad to him.

The moment played out half-touching, half-hilarious, with Grohl joking that the man was a “drunk, emotional mess” - but it turns out he was only half right.

“My mom died about six months ago. And I just got back from Europe putting her in her crypt, which is a crazy whole story in its own. He [Grohl] just started singing it and … I felt all emo,” the man, Anthony, told KBCO radio.

“What I hated was that he was like, ‘Oh, that drunk guy.’ I was dead sober. I don’t drink. I might have had a little Colorado green, but I’m not a drinker.”

Anthony said that he was trying to escape before being pulled on-stage, as he was worried he didn’t know the words to the song.

“I was trying to hide from him. I was like, ‘I’m not coming up,’” he added. “I actually try to stay under the radar, but that doesn’t happen in my world.”

In spite of all this, good guy Dave Grohl’s reputation is untarnished in Anthony’s books.

“What a cool man he was, a super-cool dude,” he concluded.